Portugal is not only an amazing golf destination, it offers so much more...

Before travelling, consult the indicated average prices of certain products and services, in order to gain an idea of the cost of living in Portugal.

Food and drinks

The prices presented are purely indicative.

An espresso coffee, which is so popular amongst the Portuguese and is normally referred to as a “bica”, costs around €0.55 to €0.80 at the counter of a traditional café. A galão (cup of coffee with milk) may cost between €0.75 and €1.35 and a cup of tea between €1 and €1.7. A glass of natural orange juice costs around €2 and a beer or Coca-Cola costs between €1 and €1.5.

A cheese or ham sandwich costs between €1.5 and €2.5 and a slice of toast or cake will be less than €2.

If you have a full meal it may be around €8 to €11 per person in a snack bar, between €13 and €20 in a restaurant and around €30 to €50 in a first-class restaurant or Fado house, beverages not included.


An entrance ticket to a Museum, National Monument or exhibition may cost between €2 and €10. On Sundays, many Museums are free.

A cinema ticket costs around €7.50 (usually projected in original version).

Theatre tickets may vary between €10 and €30 and tickets for concerts, opera or ballet performances between €25 and €75.


Service is included in the bill in restaurants, though it is customary to leave an additional tip of about 5-10% of the total.

It is also normal to tip taxi drivers 5-10% or rounding up the amount paid to the nearest euro.

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